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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Nude Bali Women

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Here are a few nude bali women that I have run across.  Enjoys these sexy beautiful women!
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quick story about meeting a girl in Bali

A few years ago when I had only been in Bali for a short time, I happened to meet a girl in the Discovery Mall in Kuta.  She was a sweet young Indonesian girl from Java.  I had a starbucks and as I was leaving she said hi to me on the way out.  She was very friendly and very beautiful.

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I took her to the beach and her clothes came off

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She had beautiful tits

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She really got into nude posing on the beach

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 I invited her to my villa and she stayed with me for 5 days.  We had sex 2-3 times everyday.  Sometimes our love-making sessions lasted 3 hours.  It was a great stay in bali and a very sensual sexy Indonesian woman.

Friday, November 30, 2012

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Check out some oth these videos of me boning some fine ass sexy bali women. I lay the pipe hard in these home made amateur videos.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sexy Bali Woman makes porno video

So I meet this girl, much like any other sexy Indonesian woman.  She was 19 and short for an Indonesian woman.  She had great tits tho.  Here is a picture.
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So I am talking to her and she asks if it's true that white dudes have big cocks.  I explained to her that everyone is different.  Some Asian guys have big cocks, but most don't.  Also, some white guys have big cocks, some dont.  She asked me if I had a big cock so I decided to show her.
I think she liked it because before I knew what was happening she had stuffed it in her mouth.
She had sucked on it for a few minutes and then she wanted it in her sexy pussy.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reminiscing about old flings

A few years ago when I was a fresh face in Bali I remember one of my first casual sex experiences with an Indonesian girl. I was at the Bali Discovery mall buying a starbucks cofee.  As I walked out to my car a nice young Indonesian girl said hello to me.  I said hello back and she asked me for a ride.  She was beautiful and had a great smile... I said why not.

So as we drive she tells me about her mother being sick and her husband left her with a new born baby. Well, I maybe new to Bali, but I wasn't born yesterday.  I asked her how much money she needed to get straight and she told me 2 million rupiah.  At this time that was about $240US.  I laughed and said good luck.  I did not have that kind of money for charity, but I gave her 100.000 and wished her luck as we got to her place in the kampung.  She told me her name was Komang and she would always remember my kindness.

She asked me to come in for tea and I obliged.  Inside I met her mother and her one year old daughter Ni Luh.  I was surprised by the starkness and the small size of the place. Her mother had a warm smile as she poured the tea and in very broken English told me I was "delicious man".  The mother had a serious hunchback problem and worked hard just to move her arms.  At this point I started to really feel bad about doubting Komang's story.

After the tea I suggested it was time for me to leave.  Komang insisted I stay and watch television with her while her mother took her daughter to the market.  I agreed, Komang was really beautiful and quite sincere.  Even though her English was not very good she was great to be around.  As the mother left I felt that this is when Komang would put the full court press on me for money.  To my astonishment this is not what happened.

When the mother and daughter left Komang came and sat very close to me and put her hand on my thigh.  I felt excited, but I did not want to fall into the trap I felt was being set up for me.  I put my hand on her hand and told her that I would never want to take advantage of her with her life in such condition.  I think she understood as she told me she knew I was a good man.  She then put her hand on my shoulder and leaned close to me.  She said in a short shallow breath that she hadn't been with a man since her husband left over a year ago while she was pregnant.

My mind is swimming at this point trying to figure out my next move.  My instincts were that this was a setup.  I have been to New York, LA, Las Vegas, Amsterdam Prague, so I had an idea of the games played.  I told Komang that if she really wanted company maybe I was not the guy she wanted because I didn't pay for sex. She told me she did not want any money but she needed the touch of a man and she didn't trust Indonesian men.

At this point my dick is starting to get hard and I see she is watching my crotch.  Her hand moves over my dick and she starts to koo as her eyes roll into her head.  Before I knew what was happening Komang had my dick out of my pants and into her mouth.  I enjoy a blowjob as much as any man, but this was something else.  Sometime you get one and it's like the woman is reading a book or watching a movie as she is doing it.  Komang was savoring every inch as she sucked like her life depended  on it. I have had hundreds of blowjobs but this one was serious.  Komang was more turned on than I was. ow could I tell?

I quickly unbuttoned her pants and slipped my hand into her panties.  Her pussy felt like a fire hydrant had exploded.  Her panties were wet and I could actually feel a watery liquid on her pussy as we kissed deeply and passionately.  I told her I wanted to fuck her now and asked where her bedroom was.  She told me we were sitting in it.  Her and her mother lived in this one room shack and slept, ate, lived in this room.  I didn't care at this point and ripped her pants off.

I stuck my dick in her dripping wet pussy, but it would only go in just past the head.  She moaned as I rocked my cock deeper into her pussy every thrust.  After maybe 2 minutes she grasped my upper arms tight as I knew she was orgasming.  I pushed my dick hard as she squirmed around and moaned.  After I thought she was finished cumming I pushed my dick in a little  further and we started the same process over again.  Maybe the 4rth time she came my cock was all the way inside her vagina and she was almost unconscious.  I then proceeded to fuck her really hard.

This had happened so suddenly I had not thought about protection.  So I was not wearing a condom.  Well, while we were going at it this thought was running through my mind so I was prepared to pull out and cum on her stomach or on the couch or floor or where ever when that time came.  But as I am working on busting the nut she wraps her legs around my ass and pulls me close into her.  I am cumming and she is basically attached to me.  I try to push her off but she has a kugnfu grip on me and my dick as I am shooting a huge load into her twat.  I am freaking out while my cock is shooting baby making juice into her cunt.

After I am finished with my jizz she relaxes her death grip on me and we lay there on the sofa.  I asked her why she did that when I was cumming and she explained she liked the feeling of my cock throbbing in her pussy when I was cumming.  I told her I did not want children and she explained that is why her husband had left her.  When she was having her daughter she lost her ability to have children and her husband thought he wouldn't be a man unless he had a son.  He left her and the baby daughter because she was barren.

As I lay there with this gorgeous, sweet woman I couldn't help but feel sad.  I was so jaded by perceptions I had that I thought all Indonesians looked at me the same way.  Like I was a cash cow and they were looking for any angle to milk me of my hard earned cash.  But this poor young girl needed companionship from someone she thought was better than her own people.

I tried to offer her a few hundred thousand rupiah... not for the sex but for genuine friendship.  She refused the money but offered me dinner a few nights later.  I gladly nodded and kissed her on the forehead as I left.  When I left the room I saw Komang's mother and the daughter outside.  Her mother cam and hugged me and thanked me.  She say she new Komang not happy and I make her happy.  I was strong man, big man.  I saw Komang a few more times after that and we became friends.  The sex was never as good as that first time with her, but few sexual encounters I have had measure that experience that day. I still bring her daughter Ni Luh a present on every birthday even though Komang married a nice Indonesian man a couple of years ago.

I guess the point of this story is you can't always rely on stereotypes and perception to understand the reality of someone else's situation.  I thought Komang was the ordinary Bali girl looking to use me for money.  When it turned out she was just using me for sex.  Don't be jaded and treat each encounter in your life as a unique experience.

Friday, October 22, 2010

More Hot Women

I love these fotos.  I hope you guys like them too.  Let me know what you want to see!

I really miss these sweet young things in Bali.  Their skin is so soft and hair so beautiful.  I want to screw each one of these pretties!  Check back in a few days and I will have some more of these fotos.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look at these sexy honies from Bali

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